Customer Service

Common Questions:

What does it cost to build per sq. ft.?

This is a question that can really only be answered after the plans have been seen to review the layout, and the options selected. Options alone can greatly affect the price of the home. Some plans are more cost effective due to the layout of the home. Some plans are designed in such a way that there is added cost to the home just for the layout.

Are we able to make changes?

Yes. We work together with our customers to build their dream home. If they want to make changes prior to the building contract being signed, or after it is signed, changes are made throughout the project. When a request is submitted to us, we will price the requested change for the customer (whether extra or a credit), and let the customer decide if they want to proceed with this change after they have received the quote for the change.

How does the quoting process work?

After we have a preliminary plan or a blueprint along with the requested features and options we are able to start to compile the costing on the home. We prefer to have all these details in advance if possible so that the customer has an accurate price for the home. It is much better to have all the options selected as accurately as possible in advance, so that, when the price is submitted, the customer has a final price. This would not include any options that would be selected later. Using this system will prevent surprises later for the customer.

Who do we deal with?

You will primarily be dealing with one of the owners of the company. There is very little "middle man" dealing that is done in our company. You are able to bring all your questions directly to one of the owners of Precision Homes.

Do we have to build one of your plans?

Although we do have many nice plans, you do not need to choose one of our layouts. We are a complete custom home builder. Some of our customers have brought us layouts that they have found either in a book or on the internet, etc. From there we are able to come up with a preliminary plan, and start to price the home for you, including the options that you would like.

Do you have standard specifications on all of your homes?

We do have suggestions in terms of which products to use, and can give information regarding all the benefits and drawbacks of different applications and products. However, ultimately it is up to you, the customer to choose what you would like to build.

Where do you build?

We are based in Niverville, Manitoba, which is about 20 minutes south of Winnipeg. Most of our homes are being built locally, and in areas surrounding Winnipeg. However we have also built homes in the Interlake area, as well as in cottage country.