Hi Lloyd,

We want to thank you for building our new home. Your genuine concern for us to be happy with our new home was always felt. You are very professional and were always concerned that we were more than satisfied. I love it when family and friends comment on the attention to detail. You have a very good understanding of the latest technology and we were always comfortable asking you questions. You can sense very quickly that this is not just something you do. You take great pride in your quality of workmanship and it shows! Precision Homes, the name says it all!

1)We liked when we made a change to our home, you would fax the change details with cost of change for us to sign and fax back.

2)We liked the Initial overview papers of the details of our home. This made things very clear and we felt alot of comfort with that.

3)You always took ownership of problems. We never felt any questions was a dumb question. You always have tried your best.

4)All the while we sensed a great need from you that it had to be cost competitive, both in the market place and it just had to make sense to you. You always look for value, it had to make sense in your mind before you would suggest it. We did not always take your advice but it was good to have your opinion for sure. I liked it that we could have our opinion.

5) I liked it that you were interviewing us as well before deciding to work with us. That showed me experience and long-term thinking.

A simple thing as the placement of the circuit breakers was a big deal to my brother Wes, He had a friend whose panel was placed at the bottom of the stairs. He was impressed with the location of our panel. A simple thing, a big deal to him.

The window situation made me very GLAD that we chose to build with you! Your professionalism shone man!


Andy and Karen Anderson