Hi Lloyd,

We are extremely thrilled with our new home. We had a very positive experience with Precision homes from their wonderful customer service to their quality of workmanship. We would definitely recommend them to anyone considering building a new home.

Building a new home is both an exciting and a stressful time, but working with Lloyd made this process quite smooth. He was up front with us the entire time, and any question or concern we had were quickly overcome with a workable solution.

Before we started building, we had a picture in our minds of what our dream home would eventually look like, and we did our best to represent that on a piece of paper. From the blueprints to the framing stage, we saw that dream take shape. We have been living in our home for a few months now, and with the help of Precision Homes, our dream home is now our reality.

Thank you,

Leanne and Jeff O'Keefe